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Peacock Alley throw $30 (retail $125) Pottery $30 (retail $90) Dresser $300 (retail $620) Pillow $30 (retail $65)

So I went to Tuesday Morning in search of outdoor drapes (which I found) and while I was there remembered how much I love the store so thought to do a little post on my trip. Here is what my eyes were drawn to (hover over image for info) and hypothetically I saved $510. Also what I like about Tuesday Morning is their 45 day return policy, unlike some discount retail stores where you don’t get second chances.

I highly recommend going to Tuesday Morning for things such as: linens, tableware, hardware, mirrors, garden planters, pottery and some decorative accents (but remember- no fake flowers). I don’t think Tuesday Morning is the best place to go for pillows, furniture or rugs due to the majority items being poor in quality and these items need to last you. However, if you are on a tight budget you have no option.  

When you go on the hunt - please understand - just because it is a “deal” does not mean it is worthy of buying. Don’t buy shit - for there is plenty of it. For example, a knickknack bird cage that you are going to go put on your book shelves.

BIRDS DON’T LIVE IN YOUR BIRD CAGE ON YOUR BOOKSHELF.  Look for quality items and buy deals on those.  Your eyes will know if it is nice. Just trust them… If you are on the fence whether or not to invest in a brand, research the brand or call me. 

Posted on Monday, April 16th 2012